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Articles, Poems & Information

Please read the articles, poems and information that we have written. We have also web-published articles and poems from some of ourvisitors. If you would like to contribute to the articles and poems, then please contact us using the Contact Us section.

WWF are asking the Save Our Earth community - What Wood You Choose?

WWF, the world's leading conservation body, have just launched a study which has found that companies in the UK are selling items such as kitchen worktops, doors and decking that come from places where illegal logging is having a devastating effect on people and wildlife.

Rockdust - how you can help the Earth

Seer Rockdust is 420 million years old and is freshly ground, untreated volcanic rock blended from various Scottish quarries. It is a natural top dressing for soil and contains more than 50 minerals and trace elements.

Climate Change warnings predicted in 1992 by Ann Walker & White Arrow

Fifteen years ago, Ann Walker and White Arrow warned us what we should expect if the rainforests were not saved.

La Reserva Forest Foundation

The La Reserva Forest Foundation is a volunteer effort to regenerate indigenous tropical forests in Costa Rica. It began nine years ago on a 100 acre dairy farm overlooking Lake Arenal, in the province of Guanacaste (north central) Costa Rica.

Santa - Made In China

In October 2008, instead of the usual ethical Christmas list, we set up a new campaign - Santa Made In China - to inform our readers of the ethical issues (environmental, human and animal rights) of buying products from UK shops that had been made in China. This page details all the information we found.

The Student, The Nun & The Amazon

The Student, The Nun and The Amazon is a thought-provoking film that documents what it is like to be on the frontline in the fight against Rainforest deforestation.

The Killing Fields of Africa

We were compelled to watch a programme by Panorama - The New Killing Fields. The programme, reported by Hillary Anderson went right to the heart of Darfur and the appalling atrocities and suffering that is taking place there.

The Report by Ann Walker & White Arrow

The report was written in 1992 by Ann Walker over a period of 1-2 years, from information given to her by her spirit guide, White Arrow, and several other spirit people. It does not matter what your beliefs are, for after reading the detailed report, it will give you an opportunity to see that a humble spiritualist medium from England, who has had no education in this field, was able to produce a report of such quality. It was sent to the United Nations and all World Leaders in 1992 and the United Nations had confirmed it to be 50% correct.

Campaign Action: Reports sent to Leaders, Scientists, Actors and Singers/Musicians

On 27th May 2004, we finally finished posting copies of Ann Walker's report, our leaflet and covering letter to prominent politicians around the World, scientists and to actors, actresses, musician/singers who voice their environmental concerns. Here we list the replies.

An Open Letter To The Governments Of The World

In September 2003, we wrote an open letter to the World Governments calling for an end to rainforest destruction.

Talking Point - Animal Testing

I was horrified to learn that the charity, Cancer Research UK tests on animals; I heard from a friend some years ago but thought that they were mucking around with me knowing how I loved animals and how sensitive I was, but reading on the text on TV I was shocked, they confirmed it was true. Here we list companies that test on animals and those that do not. Denise Tansley explains more.

White Arrow has an important message for the World

White Arrow, the spirit guide of Ann Walker, has an important message for the World.

Profile: Paul Coleman

Paul Coleman, the Earthwalker, became disenchanted with life as he saw the destruction of the Amazon. He then knew what he had to do.

Profile: Frank Habineza

Frank Habineza of the Rwanda Wildlife Clubs has become a dear friend of ours. The tireless work of RWC which he set up with his friends in 1999, has left to thousands of trees being planted in Rwanda.

Q & A: The Kyoto Protocol

We received numerous emails about the Kyoto Protocol. Here we list the questions and answers.

Waste & Recycling - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We all produce rubbish, whether we like it or not. With the increased awareness of recycling, we wanted to write about what you can recycle and how.

Renewable Energy - What's Available?

There are several different forms of renewable energy that consumers can use today. Many of the big power companies will provide this, or already do.

Facts (Did You Know?)

During the timespan of our campaign, we have picked up interesting little facts that we would like to share with you.


Who ever they may be, whether they be famous or not, everyone has commented on the beauty of Nature and the Earth. We would like to pay hommage to these people.

The Law And The Trees

Did you know that apart from speed limits, tax evasion and other laws that we have to abide by (well in England), there are also laws to govern trees. But, these laws are not always widely known and through lack of knowledge of the law, they are not used. This list is not intended for quotation in actual law, but serves as a step forward to protecting the rights of the trees, and to raise our awareness.

Stop Junk Mail

Are you sick and tired of receiving mail through the post, in which you have no interest and did not ask for? Check out our page to see what you can do about it.

Supported Campaigns

These are just some of the campaigns that we support and those that help to bring about a peaceful and safer Earth for all.

Ethical Gift List 2004

Our new ethical Christmas list for 2004 - much more information and links than before.

Ethical Gift List 2002

Our ethical Christmas list for 2002.


Our credits page for people that have helped us.

How to campaign to save trees in your area
By Mark Naughton & Denise Tansley

We were contacted by Bev Statom-Barnett in July 2007 as her local council were intending on allowing a local housing association cut down a number of trees to make way for a block of flats. We advised Bev what she could do and list them here for others.

Global Warming by Ann Walker
By Mark Naughton

I have just read the report by Ann Walker, published in her book 'Little One', regarding Global Warming and the catastrophic effects. The report is very informative yet disturbing (at least for Mankind) should the recommendations of the report not be acted upon. Ann doesn't shy from the truth - in fact, as we are told, the truth hurts. I was saddened yet more propelled to act to save the rainforests after reading it.

A Crisis In Our Forests
By Mark Naughton

Little by little, the forests succumb to the chainsaw and the axe, wielded by loggers whose only fear is that the beautiful tree they are killing, will fall on them. How can humankind direct its attention to something so beautiful yet savage and plunder it for all the resources they can find? Mark Naughton explains.

Effects of Destruction
By Denise Tansley

With instant global news available more so in the last ten years, we are more aware of the environmental changes happening around the world and the effects it is having on the Earth. Although the Earth has always had natural disasters, we are now in grave danger of tipping the balance to the point of no return. Never before in our lifetime has humankind destroyed the one thing that has kept us alive, the great Rainforests of the Earth. Denise Tansley explains what will happen if the rainforests are not saved.

Rebalancing Life
By John Nickson

This article is produced because I donít believe that the Kyoto Protocol goes far enough to adjust the problems we face today. Although the aim is to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, I feel that it is too little, too ineffective, and will take too long. John Nickson explains.

Avoiding a Fate like Mars for Earth: Life on Planet in Imminent Danger
By Raymond Samuels, University of Toronto

There are apparently some people who think that the current 'Greenhouse Effect' will simply lead to an 'evolutionary' change in the global climate, so that climatic areas in the northern hemisphere like Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska in the U.S., and Antarctica in the southern hemisphere will become like one big tropical resort area like Tahiti, Cuba, or Jamaica. Here Raymond tells us "The Kyoto Protocol Is Not Enough".

The Spirit Of The Trees - A True Story
By Denise Tansley

This is a true account of what happened to Mark and I and our neighbours in July/August 2001 and how the Spirit of the trees led us to help them.

Importance of Biodiversity in Farmers Markets
By Thomas Morrison

Thomas Morrison emphasises the importance of diversity in the farmers markets we see every week, and how by promoting biodiversity, localized farming is a crucial piece of the conservation puzzle.

God's greatest exhibit
By Victor

Dewdrops small puddles caught in time, Dripping from satin leaves in rhyme...

Mother Earth
By Denise Tansley

Will no one stand up for me, I am all things can't you see, I give you air to breath, the life that feeds...

Spirit Of The Trees
By Denise Tansley

I can hear the cry of the sacred trees, The giver of life as the axe plays part in a gruesome execution....

If I Were To Go Today
By Carrol Lawrence

If I should go today, I pray that you have another day...

Just Thought You Ought To Know
By Dani Kaminski

There are always people there-but most never do a thing, every day, another wild bird never gets the chance to sing....

The Air
By Julie Pisacane

Kites flying,autumn leaves swirling, dancing in the air....

Robbin Woods
By Cookie

It is with regret that I have to say, I watch devilish yellow contraptions working towards the Major Beech today....

Forest Cry
By Julie Pisacane

How would life be without the tree? Bare forests,with not much to see....

By Julie Pisacane

The love of true nature ,forests and ants, Logging removes homes for mammals and plants....

Song Of The Trees
By Julie Pisacane

Listen to the song heard only in the trees, made up of whistles from a slow, calming breeze....

The World Is Choking
By Rachel Finn

The world is choking, the trees are dead....

By Rachel Finn

A thousands creatures swing and soar, beneath the jewelled canopy....

Time flies by like a bird in the sky
By Hannah Crowther

Time flies by like a bird in the sky, up in the sky, flying so high....

The Place Is Full Of Litter
By Hannah Crowther

The place is full of litter, scattered everywhere, bins are over flowing....

In A Land Far Away
By Hannah Crowther

In a land far away, terrible things happen every day....

Mother Nature
By Rachel Finn

A blanket cloaks the sunset sky, she watches down on us, with her jewel encrusted eyes....

Autumn Trees
By Julie Pisacane

Are the Autumn trees now awake..., casting reflections upon the lake? Orange, yellow, colorful trees....

This is our Land
By Megha Malpani

We all need oxygen and clean air to breath, and for that we need lots of trees...

By Julie Pisacane

Moving all around me, Fresh, flowing and free, Tingling my skin, Waking my senses within- Traveling faithfully...

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